Why attend the Virtual First Amendment Summit?

Law Enforcement has spent decades understanding the jurisprudence of Fourth Amendment law, but how well do you know the First Amendment law’s implications? From the day you enter the academy, we spend hours understanding clearly established Fourth Amendment standards and interpretations. How much time do we spend on First Amendment jurisprudence? Not much, or not enough. Jurisprudence is defined as the theory or philosophy of law. Are you aware that First Amendment law has become well defined clearly established law that governs multiple areas of law enforcement operations over the last decade?

The First Amendment guarantees freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition. Do you know what implications the First Amendment has on Law Enforcement and Corrections Operations? Are you aware that the Supreme Court has addressed issues associated with Law Enforcement conduct and the First Amendment in the last few years? Do you have proper policies addressing issues related to First Amendment activities? Do you conduct training to train your staff on First Amendment activities effectively?

You may be asking what a First Amendment Activity is. It would be the following topics:

  • Crowd management and protests
  • Social Media and free speech
  • Recording Police Activities
  • First Amendment Auditors
  • Freedom of Religion
  • First Amendment Retaliation claims

Daigle Law Group presents a virtual summit on First Amendment issues May 4th, 2021 to May 6th, 2021.

Courses offered during the three-day event will cover First Amendment appropriate crowd management/control, the First Amendment and social media for law enforcement, guarding against First Amendment employment-based claims, and the rights and limitations of the public and the press to film law enforcement.

“It is not sufficient for law enforcement personnel to confine their constitutional comfort levels and knowledge base to the Fourth and Fifth Amendment,” says Eric Daigle, principle of DLG and national expert on First Amendment Related activities. “Rather, in a time when citizens and employees alike are testing the waters of the First Amendment, law enforcement agencies must be prepared to respond to such challenges in a constitutionally effective manner.”

Why should I attend a Virtual Summit?

Doing more with less is one of our Summit themes for 200 and 2021 and we will adjust to meet those standards. The benefits of the 2021 Virtual First Amendment Summit include the following:

  • Cost Savings: Being virtual allows the training cost to be reduced and we will pass those savings on to you. The cost is $295.00 per user and an early bird price of $250.00 until April 1, 2021.  Also, a virtual conference will not require travel expenses, lodging, and per diem expenses, furthering your savings.
  • Increased Opportunity: The reduced cost will allow those who could not attend the DLG First Amendment Summit in the past the opportunity to do so at a minimal fee.
  • Access to Industry Experts: Attendees at the Virtual First Amendment Summit will receive focused training on policies, training, and legal application. Attendees will receive firsthand knowledge and experience from experts in First Amendment related topics to enhance their agency’s operations in a completely virtual format.
  • Safety of Attendees: Nothing will replace the in-person attendance to our extremely popular training conference. The decision to go virtual is to protect you, your family, and your department.
  • State of the Art Education: The DLG team will demonstrate how high-quality multimedia education can be for attendees.
  • Ease of Access: Access training from your home or office for the three-day training. Training classes and content will also be available for 90 days after the conference.
  • Certificate of Attendance: The attendance of live and on-demand training will provide each attendee a certificate of attendance and report card, which may fulfill continued education requirements.

What Attendees Should Expect

  • Three (3) Days of intense multi-media presentations from top industry expert instructors
  • Virtual interactions to help you connect and network with attendees from across the country to share ideas and lessons learned through your experiences
  • Digital access to actionable sample policies, presentations, videos, and handouts that you can take back and share with your agency
  • Full access to all educational workshops and presentations for 90 Days
  • Access to a course library 
  • Training Certificate with hours at the conclusion of the Summit

We promise to provide policy, training, and legal interpretation advice through the training conference. As we prepare, we also want to thank you for your service to the community through these challenging times. Remember, help those who need your help, protect those who need your protection, and keep yourself and others safe.

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